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My name is Bernard Matic. I am a full time internet marketer from Croatia.

I want to thank you for viewing my business portfolio which will definitely extremely benefitial for you. My goal is to help everybody who are still struggling to make their first dime online.

I know how that sucks, I was there, too. I was listening so-called "gurus" and invested in bunch of their scam programs losing money every time.

Luckily, I was determine to educate myself much better after those few loses. That was the best decision I've made in my online career. Now I want to share my knowledge and help you avoid my mistakes.

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PROGRAM # 1: Future Ad Pro

Category: Revenue Share

Ad Packs Available: $ 10, $ 50

Minimum Withdrawal: $ 50

Referral Commission: 3-8 %

Payment options: Bitcoin, ADVCash, Neteller (CC), STP, Payza, Payeer...

Payout options: Bitcoin, Payza, Neteller, Bank Transfer, STP, Perfect Money...

Owners: Stefan Morgenstern & Roman Ziemian

Who it is for: For those who like slow and long-term revshares.

Short Review

To get the opportunity to earn through this program, you must purchase at least one ad pack. Packages are valued at $ 10 and $ 50.

Once you buy a package, your task is to surf 10 per day to ensure daily share of the company profits. In addition, for every $ 50 ad pack you get 800 views to your website. For every $ 10 ad pack you get 160 views to your website.

So basically, if you buy a package of $ 50, it will earn $ 60 (120 %). When you earn $ 60, the package will expire. Therefore, it is important to purchase or repurchase ad packs.

You can use your Future Ad Pro balance for the repurchase more ad packs which will enable you both, greater income and traffic to your website.

  • The maximum number of $ 10 ad packs is 100 (depending on your status).
  • The maximum number of $ 50 is 1000 (depending on your status).
  • Daily withdrawal limit is $ 10,000.


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PROGRAM # 2: LeadsLeap 2.0

Category: Lead/Traffic Generation Platform

No Ad Packs Required

Membership: Free ( $ 0), Premium ( $ 27/month)

Minimum Withdrawal: $ 10

Referral Commission (Recurring): Free Members (25 %), PRO Members (50 %)

Payment options: STPPayza

Payout options: STPPayza

Owners: Kenneth Koh

Who it is for: Newbie-Expert

 Short Review

 LeadsLeap is an excellent advertising platform to generate more traffic and leads. A platform,  which provides their members with a whole bunch of free marketing tools. Not only these  tools are free, but they are really powerful.

 I find LeadsLeap as one of the best long-term free traffic resources online. Even as a free  member, you can generate at least 200 visits per week. If your ad drives attention and gets  great ratings, you are looking at higher numbers.

 What I have found as a great strategy is to research 5-star rated ads. I extricate a couple of  those and make tiny corrections to write my own ads. It works almost every time. These ads  provoke members attention and being featured in the member’s area and member’s emails. 

 That means they are continuously driving traffic. Traffic is the core of every business. More  traffic = more leads = more income.

 LeadsLeap also provides a revenue sharing model even for free members. A model that  doesn’t require buying any kind of ad packs. Though, that shouldn’t be the # 1 reason to join  this platform. Generate traffic and leads should.

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Category: Subscription Based Matrix

Minimum Deposit: $ 25

Minimum Withdrawal: $ 10

Payment options: Payeer, Payza, Perfect Money, STPBitcoin

Payout options: Payeer, Payza, Perfect Money, STPBitcoin

Owner: Sidhanath Singh

Who it is for: Newbies & Experts

Short Review

Unicorn Adz is an advertising and marketing program. They are offering from banner advertising to access to various quality products. Those products can help you promote your business opportunities. As well as providing you with multiple streams of income.

UnicornAdz is totally different to these old design programs…

Typical matrix program create 1 spot per member … that’s it!  Then you have to hope thousands of others come in after you to make any money. Pretty unlikely isn’t it?

In UnicornAdz, however, one Single member can create hundreds and thousands of New Positions continually!

The unique Sub-based system forces new positions and also people making money, are forced to buy new Subs to create more positions, to earn more money, to fill the matrix of others via spillover etc. This Sub is NOT a monthly fee, it is just called a Sub which creates multiple positions.

You have to be in this … it has been designed, more like engineered, to assist everyone, even people who will come into this weeks and months after you sign up. By then you will be filling up other people’s matrix as well as your own and will be withdrawing earnings and buying new Subs all the time.

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