How to Build Trust and Authority Among Your Readers

Whatever business you are involved in, one of the most important things you should know is how to build trust and authorityWhether you’re making money online by blogging, network marketing, affiliate marketing, or any other way.

The moment when you manage to achieve that you can consider yourself as a successful businessman. Of course, always bear in mind it’s not easy to go there.

Let’s see how to build trust and authority among your readers with four steps described below…

1. Your name (brand)

If you want to become successful blogger, you shouldn’t be selfish, hiding behind pseudonyms or something like that. Your blog needs to be your brand.

You can use your name for that, blog’s domain or even your name and surname – it depends what you want to become a brand.

If you are writing a blog in English, you may want to find the most quality bloggers of your niche which offers a service of guest posting – you should definitely apply as a guest blogger.

Write few quality articles on some of the most popular blogs. Easily you will begin to build both trust and authority among your readers and other bloggers.

2. Always deliver what you are promising

It does not matter what it is. A free e-book, plugin, answer on the question or paid product… ALWAYS AND AS SOON AS POSSIBLE deliver to your users what they asked for.

I am sure that neither you love to wait for something – do not afford that to others. If you currently, for some reason, do not have some items, remove it from your blog, or from the sale list.

Do not allow that your users experience something I experienced recently when I ordered one kitchen appliance as a birthday present for my wife. The seller told me that this appliance will be delivered in the period of 1-3 business days. But guess what – it did not!

Fourth day, I received a call from some lady in customer service which told me that they do not have this appliance in stock currently and that they do not know when they will have it again!

When I asked why there, on their site, this product is showing as available, she just “shrug of the shoulders”. I had one more week until birthday so I gave them a chance to deliver this appliance in that period of time and said if they do not deliver until then, they should not ever. Two weeks are gone, birthday is gone and no word from the seller.

Today I decided to call them and tell them that they need to cancel my order because I am not crazy to pay for a product I did not get at the time. Lady only said “OK, Sir.” She did not even apologize! What a professionalism!

Do not allow that to happen to you! This is not the way how to build trust and authorityA good voice is loud, but bad voice is even louder.

3. Building the trust

How to build trust and authority among your readers


If you are trying to sell your own product on your blog, you need to publish testimonials of satisfied customers that already bought that product.

This is the way to show your new visitors that there are people who bought that from you and that they were satisfied.

Except that, if you are selling something on your blog you definitely need to have pages such as: “privacy policy”, “terms of use” and “disclaimers and liability”.

You will look as professional in the eyes of your customers and not some kind of spammer that wants to get their email and sell them anything no matter what.

4. Be personal and nice

Try to communicate with your readers same as you communicate with your friends or family drinking coffee or tea in the living room, for example.

Try to always be nice and even humorous in your comments, but still professional. Readers love to connect with people that seems nice to them.

With everything mentioned, if you give them useful information they are looking for, that is even better.


How to Build Trust and Authority – Final Word

Simplest terms, you are going to do it by reading this post and following these four powerful tactics. There is no need to make things complicated than they are.

These are proven techniques when it comes to how to build trust and authority among your blog readers or customers and you should start to use them immediately.

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