How to draw attention of the readers?

How to draw attention of the readers? I want to warn you that this is a long-term process. It is not so easy and it will take a lot of your time and effort until you do not understand it completely.

But, it will become easier one day if you are willing to be persistent.

Let’s start with tips on how to get readers attention…

1. Write when you have useful information to share

Exactly. Do not write “just to write” or because you read somewhere that you should write one or more posts every day. This is nonsense because you will not be able to write that much all the time and you will give up soon.

It is important to publish interesting content and at first place unique content. Two or three useful posts per week are enough for your readers to notice that your blog is updated.

2. Focus on your readers

Try to write posts in which you will offer a solution of reader’s problems. Focus completely on readers. Do not write about yourself too much.

Except that, try to put your personal experiences in your posts. This way you will share useful information with your readers and they will be thankful to you for that.

3. Do not try to sell in every post

How to draw attention of the readers

This is one of the most important things in blogging. If you are trying to sell something in every post you will probably be without audience really soon.

Or, if you start from the beginning this way, you probably would not even get any audience.

Your primary goal should be to give useful information to your readers. You will gain confidence and authority that way. Later, you will be able to convert that into sales. Because readers will trust you when you suggest them something to buy.

4. Stay in contact with your readers, allow them to interact with you

Try to understand blogging as some kind of company you have. Your readers are your clients and you should be available to them whenever they need you.

Do not ignore this advice no matter what. As fast as you can try to respond to your readers to their questions, comments, emails or something else.

5. Do not try to be perfect

Nobody is perfect… I am not perfect and neither you are. Thus, do not try to be perfect in front of readers because they know that too. Also, always try to respect other’s person’s opinion even if it is not exactly the same opinion as yours.

6. Be passionate

Many top bloggers I contacted, suggested me that I need to manage my blog with a lot of passion and desire. Take for example ProBlogger blog. A blog led by one of the most successful bloggers, Darren Rowse.

7. Use social sites

Every article you write, publish on social sites on which you have your own profile or site. This you can easily do using the Yoast WP SEO plugin.

Social sites today have huge popularity and can help you to catch readers attention. The popularity of social sites can generate huge traffic to your blog. Thus, make sure that you have high-quality content on your blog.

Take a look at one of my previous posts to see what I am talking about: step by step guide for writing blog posts.

8. SEO optimization

The hardest and the longest way to drawing an attention of readers. You should do regularly on optimization of your blog. Over time you will get traffic from search engines. Type Google SEO Guide in Google and download it on your device.

9. Write catchy titles

The title is what makes a reader to even click on your post. A great example where you can see that is on some newspaper sites. Journalists write bombastic titles of their news and make lots of people click on their articles.

In their case, there is a lot of time absolutely no relation between title and text. But this is not even important to them. But, for us, bloggers, how to choose the relevant blog title, is extremely important. Otherwise, nobody will read our posts completely.

10. Email signature (clickable URL or banner)

Last, but not less important advice. Put clickable URL or banner that will lead your reader to your blog.

Make sure this signature look professional. Don’t forget to put your contact details too.


Combining this 10 tips it is possible to get a great response from your readers. Increasing the quality of your posts, you will get more readers to your blog.

What do you to get readers attention? Please, let me know in the comments area. I would like to see your experience.

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