How To Get Traffic For a Blog? 6 Top Methods To Generate More Traffic To Your Blog!

How to get traffic for a blog is one of the most common questions in blogger’s world. Getting traffic to your blog is not an easy job to do. Thus, I made this post in which I described how to get traffic to your blog for free using six simple methods. Let’s get started, shall we?

How to get traffic on your blog?

1. Write at least 5 tutorial posts

A tutorial post is a post which has the goal to teach your readers about something specific. Tutorial posts are one of the best methods to get traffic to your blog! In general, that type of posts has 2000 or more words with a lot of useful tips. They have the capability to gain an extremely large amount of traffic to the author’s blog in the long run.

2. Write at least one post  per week

Of course, I do not think about writing “tutorial” posts every week, but I mean regular posts with which you normally update your blog. Updating of the blog is very important because readers will expect new posts on your blog soon and they will come back. Some of them will subscribe to your RSS channel or email list. 

Depend on your possibilities and free time, decide how many posts per week you can publish. If your blog is new, before you publish it, prepare at least 10 posts that you will post every day.

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3. Choose easy to remember name of your domain

This is a very tricky area because it is not easy to find a domain which will concur with your blog name. This is very important because of offline marketing.

People often talk about blogs or websites they visited or they are visiting regularly. You should make sure that they remember your blog easily and promote you completely for free.

Because of that, do not complicate with names of your domains or blog names that are too long or hard to remember. Also, if you find available .com domain, try to put your keyword in blog name and in the domain name.

how to get traffic for a blog


4. Comment on other blogs

Commenting on other blogs also could help you to increase blog trafficWhen you will have at least 5 tutorial posts and at least 10 more, smaller posts, you are ready to start driving traffic to your blog. The best way to find exact readers for your blog is to comment on other blogs. But, you should focus on blogs that are relevant to the niche of your blog.

It is a higher possibility that they will be interested in your blog because there are already “in”, then someone who has nothing with the niche of your blog. On many blogs, it is possible to leave comments with your name and link to your blog. Therefore, take care that you are publishing serious, interesting and concrete comments that are closely related to the topic of the article you are commenting.

Doing that, you will draw attention on yourself, gain the trust of other bloggers which will then click on your link that will lead them directly to your blog.

5. Encourage comments on your blog

One of the most powerful ways to convince someone to become a regular reader is to show them that there are other readers that already follows and appreciate your work.

This is all about human psychology. Nobody likes to be the first commentator. But, if people see that there are lots of others who leaves their comments, they will make a conclusion that your content is obviously good and interesting and they will like to stay on your blog and take a look what is this all about.

To encourage them to leave a comment you can, for example, ask them one question at the end of every post. Or you can encourage them to bring their opinion about what they just read. It is necessary to answer on the comments to make conversation fluent.

Comments could be a really strong part of your blog. You can even post some referral or affiliate links in the comments section. Although I would not recommend that you do that often.

6. Write more tutorial posts

Everything I’ve just mentioned above will help you to find readers for your blog, but only if you have at least 5 strong tutorial articles before you start to promote your blog! Without tutorial posts, you can get some readers too, but it will be hard to “make” them to come back again. Try to target that you publish at least one tutorial post every two weeks.

At the end of the year, you will have a huge base of at least 25 or more tutorial posts. They will work for you all the time and will bring you more and more visitors on complete autopilot. The goal of the tutorial posts is to make them work for you all the time.

My Final Opinion About How To Get Traffic For A Blog

These are all simple, yet effective methods to get traffic to your blog for free. Of course, it will take some time to get there. If you are willing to work hard every day, you will see results even sooner then you may be thinking. I wish you a successful journey with your blog.

If you have any questions or suggestions, or just want to share how you are getting traffic to your blog… Please, feel free to leave your feedback in the comments area. I would be more than happy to read it. Thank you.

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