How To Increase Blog Traffic For Free

How To Increase Blog Traffic For Free? Discover 10 Simple Steps.

How to increase blog traffic for free?

One of the most frequently asked questions in bloggers world is how to generate more traffic to your blog. Within this post, I will discover 10 simple steps to get more traffic to your blog anyone can follow. 10 steps that will definitely help you to get more traffic to your blog for free.

Of course, as in any other job, the same is in blogging, the most important thing is traffic because without traffic there is no profit. You should always have in mind that visitors will never come to your blog from nowhere, without any reason. Your task is to bring them to your blog.

How to generate more traffic to your blog?

1.) Guest posts

Nowadays, one of the most popular ways to get traffic on your blog is so-called “guest blogging”, or guest posts. What does that mean?

TIP: To find guest blogs, it is enough to write on Google something like “guest blogging”, “guest posting”, “write for us”, and similar terms. It is important to add your niche at the end.

For example “write for us + internet marketing” and Google will list for you a lot of sites that are offering guest blogging. Next step is to read the conditions of guest blogging and if you are interested, you can contact the webmaster for further information.

That means that you will be publishing your posts on other people’s blogs or websites. All that to get a backlink to your blog. Of course, it is understood that you will need to find blogs with the similar theme as it is on your blog. Other than that, you won’t get spammy because Google will penalize you.

2.) Forums

Forums ale also a great potential source of traffic for your blog. Find popular forums with lots of visitors, in your niche, register with your username and password and start to write posts. Before you start with posting on forums, read the forum rules carefully. For you, it is important that this forum allows you to post a link to your blog or website. Most of the forums do allow that, but there are also forums that do not allow to put a signature in your profile.

When you find a forum that allows that, you can register and start with your work. I have to mention that this is one of the longest ways to increase traffic to your blog, but it is worth the long term because there is a lot of people on the forums (usually).

TIP: No matter what, do not promote your blog or website directly because that will get you ban from the forum and suspension of your forum account.

Try to write like you are trying to help someone on the forum and solve someone’s problem. You also need to try to introduce yourself as an expert in your niche and results will come.

3.) Leaving comments on other blogs

Leaving comments on other people’s blog in your niche can also be good for your blog and bring you certain traffic. The principle is very similar to leaving comments on forums.

Avoid to write useless comments such as “great article”, “interesting said”, and so on because almost nobody of serious webmasters won’t approve this comment on their blogs. Even if there are some webmasters that will approve this comment, there will not be any benefit for you.

Quite the opposite, in the eyes of other visitors, you will be a spammer and nobody will take you seriously.

TIP: When you are leaving comments on someone’s blog, try to be concrete and understandable. Try to express your own opinion about the post you’ve just read.

4.) Article marketing

Article marketing is one more way how can you increase traffic to your blog. Some of the most famous article marketing directories are Ezine Articles, Hub Pages and Squidoo.

All of that pages have huge traffic which means, if you publish your article there, your blog will be introduced to lots of people.

TIP: Be professional. There is no article marketing directory that will publish your article if you did not meet their minimal criteria of publishing. You should especially pay attention to your spelling and grammar. Always use grammar and spell checker.

Have in mind that you could get a huge number of visitors to your blog, therefore, try to write as a real expert. You have to demonstrate to people that you know what you are talking about. When you manage to do that, traffic to your blog can grow up to the sky.

5.) Interviews

One more really useful method when we talk about how to increase blog traffic for free that are used by many bloggers. But, very difficult to realize for the beginners. It is about that, those other bloggers will want to interview you and publish this interview on their blogs or websites.

It is very hard to get to this point, but it is not impossible if you try and if you manage to gain the reputation of an expert in the area you are writing about on your blog.

TIP: Try to increase traffic by writing unique and high-quality posts which will help you to gain the reputation of an expert in readers and other bloggers. You can check out one of my previous posts where I have written step by step guide for writing blog posts

6.) Video Tutorials

If you do want to make one more step in promoting your blog, start to create video tutorials. You don’t need to record feature length films.

It is enough to create a series of short movies in which you will personally explain how to do something. Sometimes only one video could be enough to increase blog traffic rapidly.

7.) Free courses

Many bloggers use this method to increase traffic to their blogs. You have probably already seen that on the internet. You can use that method in the way that you give some course as a free present to your readers if they sign up on your mailing list.

Using this method, you can collect a lot of free material that will help you to earn money on the internet. Free gifts are usually valuable e-books, video material or even WordPress Premium plugins which are recently very used by many bloggers.

TIP: Be careful that you write a high-quality tutorial, course, report and so on because this will be your tool to draw your clients.

Your goal should be to create a quality course that will be useful for the readers and which your subscribers will want to share with other people. You can even upload your course on some online services such as Scribd or SlideShare to make sure you popularize it enough.

8.) SEO optimization

Don’t forget about on page and off page SEO optimization before you publish your posts. Always do your best to research keywords and key phrases with which you are trying to compete in search engines.

Use especially relevant keywords and key phrases. Google very often changes the algorithm, so you need to follow these changes and act in accordance with them. Have in mind that Google loves unique and quality content.

9.) Social networks

You can also use your profiles and fan pages on social networks to increase traffic to your blog. They can be “killer” source of traffic if you know what you are doing.

If you are a Facebook user, you probably noticed some of the fan pages that have over 100 or more thousands of fans. You maybe think that you will not be able to get there ever, but do not suspect in yourself. You can do everything others do too, but with maximum dedication and seriousness.

Twitter is also a very popular social site, especially in the USA. That means you should definitely, create your account there if you have not already. There is also a Google+, Tagged, Pinterest, LinkedIn and many other social sites that can be a serious source of traffic to your blog.

10.) Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Answers is service on which users of the internet are allowed to ask questions on which they cannot find an answer. You can register there for free and start answering questions, but you need to be very careful with links.

This is very fatiguing method to increase traffic to your blog, but it does not hurt to try. Especially if you have a lot of free time.

How to increase blog traffic for free: Conclusion

You’ve just read 10 tips about how to increase blog traffic for free. I know that this probably seems complicated to you, and trust me, it also takes a lot of time and effort too. But, at the end, it is worth.

Do you use any of the tips mentioned in the post? If they working for you? Perhaps you have any other tip which you use to get more traffic to your blog that I hadn’t covered in this post? I would like to read your feedback, so feel free to share it in the comments area. Thanks.

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