How To Lead a Blog? The Complete Blogging Blueprint

If you were asking yourself how to lead a blog, you definitely came to the right place to find the answer.

You have a blog, but it is real torture to get traffic to your blog? You want to have a famous blog, but you don’t know how to lead a blog?

Or you even don’t know what to do to make your blog famous one day?

Don’t worry, here is the end of your tortures. In this post, you will find a lot of valuable information and blogging benefits.

This information will help you to become and stay successful blogger.

How To Lead a Blog: 20 Steps You Should Follow To Become Successful Blogger


1.) Passion

The most important thing you need to know when it comes to running a blog is…

A passion for a topic about you are writing on your blog. If you don’t have a passion it is as you do not have anything.

Because of that, when people ask me what they need to write on their blogs. I always suggest they write about something they are passionate about.

Don’t start your blog just to earn money because this is the best way not to earn money!

Money should be in last place in your priority list. The money will come eventually. Before money, you need to work on high quality content on your blog which you will update regularly.

how to lead a blog

2.) Wish (Craving)

If you want to be successful blogger you need to wish hard. In other words, you need to have a craving to write new content regularly.

If you feel this is torture or hard thing to do for you… Or you simply don’t have time to manage quality and professional blog…

It is probably the best idea not to even start with blogging.

Do not waste your time on something you right now know you will not be able to do as you should. It is a good idea to spend this time on some other activities.

3.) Love

Except passion, wish and crave about what you are doing, you need to love this too. If you do not have even one of three previous things, it is same as you do not have any. 

In that case, blogging will be real torture for you. Maybe the same as your ordinary job you do with some kind of boring office, in the market or something like that. That is definitely not the way how to lead a blog.

4.) Positive energy

how to lead blog

Nobody likes to read and keep track of negativity, pessimists. Or even worse people which talk only about themselves.

Be exact the same person as you are in your real life. Do not try to act that you are something or somebody else. And always try to act positive. Make sure your readers recognize that easier.

5.) Be careful how you treat people, especially negative ones

Why especially negative people? Because it is almost impossible not to meet one of them and this is why it is good to know how to treat them. These are people who look at everything with a lot of negative energy.

They are jealous when they see that someone is successful. This is enough for them to try to “attack” you and accuse you, for something with no reason.

But, this is actually a GOOD thing for your blog. Why? Because that means you are doing a great job and that you just managed to draw the attention of your readers.

Well-known saying: “Good news travels far, but bad even further.”

The best thing you can do in that situation is to ignore them because they do not deserve your attention. But, do not ignore them in the start because other readers can start thinking that they will be ignored too.

Try to respond in the first and second “attack” , but calm and with arguments. If they do not give up then, you can be sure that there is nothing to say that will make this person satisfied. In that case, this person will always find another way to “spit” on your work.

But, I have to say that you should also be able to recognize negative people that are trying to make some kind of damage to you and these people who simply have different opinions.

They will try to explain it to you in a polite way with arguments. These people can be really useful to you.

Also, make sure you are always polite and try to show gratefulness to your readers. The most loyal ones, try to reward with some kind of symbolic present.

6.) Be faithful to yourself

One of the most important things you need to be aware about how to lead a blog is:

Be yourself.

Don’t try to copy someone else’s work. This is a big mistake and you will never be able to become a successful blogger.

Copying someone else’s work is unprofessional and impolite. It is punishable, but except all that, there is no copy that is better than original.

Of course, you can, want and should follow other bloggers and learn from them.

You will probably find a lot of new ideas but you need to know how to present these ideas and knowledge in your own way. Don’t ever copy anyone from word to word.

7.) Commitment

One more extremely useful thing in blogging is that you definitely need to have to be committed to your job.

If you woke up in the morning and think “damn, I have to go to write a blog post again”… this is sign that you are not committed enough to your job and that you are doing that by force.

This is the sign that you are not committed enough to your job and that you are doing that by force.

And this is the way to not succeed in this job ever, 100% for sure! Not just in blogging, but in anything else.

If you really love what you are doing, then you will wake up in the morning and you will say: 

 “Thank you, God that you allowed me to do this job I actually love”.

8.) Creativity

The more creative you are, you have more chances to be successful. Creativity is an amazing virtue that most of the people don’t even know they have.

Do not be one of them, wake up a creative person inside you and put in place this creativity to your blog. Show others how to lead a blog using your own creativity.

9.) Work without fear

In this job you are your own boss and this is why you do not need to be afraid that you will be fired. If you don’t do something right or if you are sometimes late for work. 

Don’t be afraid to write what you have in mind while you are thinking “what if others will not love this”. Don’t despair, if you do something wrong, you will get directions and you will know how to do better next time.

10.) Learn from the best

Find the best and the most appreciated bloggers in your niche and do not be ashamed to ask for advice.

Why? Because they, who already know how to lead a blog and everything about what you are trying to achieve… Can actually help you to achieve your goals faster and easier.

If you want to earn money on the internet, you will need your own coach. You need somebody that will help you to understand what and how you should do.

If you want to know how to manage your blog, you need a coach and he will be really useful to you. If you want to be someone’s coach one day, you first need your coach that will teach you coaching.

Who will do that better than someone who is already known as a great coach? 

Even the best and the most successful athletes have coaches. The coaches are people that are always trying to show them their maximums and makes them even better.

11.) Give everything you have for yourself while you are writing posts

If you want to become a successful blogger, you need to start thinking about blogging as your real work. In this job you are your own boss and there is nobody who will do that job for you!

Because of that, it is really important to write every blog post as high quality as you can. You will not have any benefits of bad quality posts, written just to fill the quota of posts. Forget about that idea immediately!

Content is king and if you follow this simple advice, you will have everything you need to have to become a successful blogger.

12.) Write guest posts

„Guest blogging“, is extremely popular and can be useful for your blog. Allow people to write posts on your blog. Also, you should write guest posts on other blogs.

13.) Work constantly on your personal development

It would be great if you can work on your personal development every day. This is an important advice. Why?

Because you will be able to raise your knowledge on another (higher) level. And this will be really useful to you in order how to lead blog. You will be able to do many things on your own (without any help) which will save you a lot of your time.

Except that, this could be another benefit for you. Because you will develop new skills which could make you money sometime in the future.

14.) Do not set money as your main goal

Every successful blogger will tell you that. The point is that you, as a blogger, need to offer valuable, useful and interesting content.

More simply said you need to give your readers valuable information. And the result will be earnings.

If you set money as your main goal… Or even worse, if you set the exact amount of money per month you want to make blogging…

You are on the right way to give up on blogging and probably say that this is not real or possible. Like as many bloggers are doing.

15.) Write titles like „10 the best, 10 tips“…

This method is extremely functional and it has tendered to attract many visitors to your blog. Readers love to see a lot of tips which will help them to solve their problems.

Of course, this does not mean that every title should be that type.

16.) Do your research

Always do research before you start to write your blog posts. The best thing in internet business is that you do not need to pay to do research.

Also, you can do that in a really short period of time. Which means you will have all relevant information at your hands quickly. Researching is necessary because you will get clear directions about what is good. Or about what is not good to write on your blog.

Except that, by doing research, you can learn a lot of new information that you maybe did not know until now.

17.) Social networks

Every serious blogger today simply “must” be on the world’s most popular social networks. If you are not on social sites it is same as you are not even on the internet!

Social sites are great generators of traffic and amazing tool to increase popularity and to create your own brand. Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn and Pinterest are the quintet of the most famous social sites. You definitely should have your personal and business profile there.

18.) Autoresponder

One more tool that you need to have if you are in the world of internet marketing.

This is probably the most important tool because email marketing is a powerful weapon. But, of course, the point is to use it responsibly, not for spamming.

On the market, currently, the most popular autoresponder is Aweber. Used by most of the bloggers. But, there are some else too, such as GetResponse, iContact, Mail Chimp and many others. 

One of the others, that I use is TrafficWave autoresponder. Why I use it?

Because it delivers as good as Aweber or GetResponse, but it’s much cheaper. Its monthly fee is always $ 17.95 per month. No matter how many subscribers I have on my lists.

Thus, I don’t see any reason to pay more than I have to for autoresponder service. Just imagine…

You have 10- 25,000 subscribers on Aweber… Your monthly fee is going to be $ 149! With TrafficWave you will pay ONLY $ 17.95.

TrafficWave also has a lucrative affiliate program. You can practically use it for free with only 3 recommendations.

Click Here To Try TrafficWave 30 Day Free Trial!

Being totally honest with you… If you need more quality statistics and features, then you choose Aweber or GetResponse. Traffic Wave is a perfect solution for the beginners.

19.) Plugins

Plugins or additions for a blog are super useful things on the WordPress blogging platform. But, except they are really useful, they could create some unwanted problems in case you have too many of them.

Thus, I highly recommend you to use only this one you regularly use. Installation and using of Plugins is more than easy. 

Few Plugins that you definitely need:

  • Yoast SEO
  • Thrive Leads
  • Instabuilder 2.0
  • W3 Total Cache
  • Digg Digg or any similar which will allow you to share content easily
  • Google Analytics
  • Google XML Sitemaps
  • Akismet
  • Contact Form 7
  • jQuery lazy load plugin
  • WordPress Related Posts

To find out how to install WordPress blog just follow this link.

20.)Video clips

Nowadays, people are lazy or they do not have time to read too much. Because of that sometimes they rather want to watch some short video clip than reading a long post.

The video content will allow you to create a stronger connection with your readers. It will generate more traffic to your blog.

The possibilities are unlimited. It could be, for example, dictation of your text or even PowerPoint “Step-by-step” presentation (video tutorial).

Sometimes you will find difficult to upload videos in your article on your blog. This is because some videos are too big to be uploaded, using media uploader in WordPress.

But, you will bypass this problem on really fast and easy way…

Using “copy/paste” method, stick your video link into the post editor. Your video will automatically appear in your post. But, be careful that you copy only link, do not put it as a hyperlink because in that case, your video will not work!

Amazing, isn’t it?

How to lead a blog – Final word

Blogging is one really interesting, exciting and passionate job. This is a job in which is important at the beginning to know what and how you need to do. So you can avoid bad results which can destroy your will to work as a blogger.

It does not matter how long you are into blogging. Every day you will have an opportunity to learn, and share with others, new experience.

This is the beauty of this job. That’s how to a lead blog all about.

Please leave your comments or questions below. I would be more than happy to hear your voice on the subject.


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