How to optimize blog posts?

How to optimize blog posts is one of the most often questions you can see at Google search engine.

In this post, I wrote about six important things you should know when it comes to blog posts optimization.

Let’s take a look how you can optimize your blog posts… 

1. Keywords researching

The first thing you should do before you start to write about anything is to do keywords research. This way you will know which keywords people are searching for. You want to write about something what will somebody actually read.

This is a long process, but you need to do that if you want your blog to be found and read.

2. Focus on keywords with low competition

The bigger your competition is the bigger are also chances that you will not win. That also means that barely anyone will read your post. Don’t waste your time on SEO optimization and trying to get in the top results for some keyword or phrase.

It does not make any sense. You should focus on keywords with lower competition. Your goal should be to find a number between 200 and 1500 search results per month. When you type your keyword or phrase with quotation marks in the Google search engine.

Bigger number means bigger competition. You would not believe, but there are so many long tail keywords which have below 1500 search results.

To discover that, you need to search carefully. There are free tools such as Google Keyword Tool, Traffic Travis, WorldTracker. 

3. Choose a main keyword or phrase about you will write in your post

How to optimize blog posts

When you are looking for a keyword or key phrase, be careful that they have at least 1000 searches per month. When you find what you are looking for, try to write a blog post about that.

You should edit some of your older posts. Put your new targeted keyword that you just find out that has low competition.

Also, make sure that your keywords are closely related to your blog topic.

4. Include your main keyword in the title and in the title tag

Try to place your main keyword as closer to the beginning, if it is possible. The best is if you can start the title with your keyword or key phrase.

The rule is same with title tags too. Title tag does not need to be the same as the title of the post, but it should have your main keyword in it. Try to repeat your keywords in your text few times. Especially in the first paragraph and H2 and H3 tag.

The best tool for this part of the job is to have Yoast WP Seo plugin.

5. Use your main keyword in the Meta description tag

Meta description is a really important factor of blog posts optimization. But, most of the people simply ignore it. Description of your blog gives Google information what is your blog all about. Thus, it is important to include your main keyword in the description of your blog posts.

This will not help you a lot in ranking. But it could make people click on your post because Google will bold your keyword in search results.

6. Find relevant photos and put them in the post

If you are writing a post about German Shepard, it would be nonsense to put photo(s) of Irish Setter. Always use relevant photos, especially if you write about example topic I’ve just mentioned. In alt tag, always try to put keyword. But, if you have more photos in your post, use different alt tags.


I believe I managed to explain how to optimize blog posts using these six techniques described in the post. Using every one of the six techniques described in the post for every new post you make will definitely help your blog.

What techniques are you using to optimize your blog posts? Please, feel free to share your techniques in the comments.

It is always good thing to share the good stuff and help the people out.

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