How to write the title of the blog post?

How to write the title of the blog post? It is not so easy as it seems at the beginning. You cannot believe how frustrating it can be sometimes when you don’t know how to write a blog post title.

Sometimes it is easier for me to write a whole post than “just” a title of the post. Maybe this sounds a little bit stupid to you, but it is true.

This is one more proof that managing blog is not that easy work. See my last post about step by step guide for writing blog posts for better understanding.

Playing with words, you need to find the most attractive title. At the same time be careful that this title doesn’t contain more than 70 characters. And that doesn’t look like a post you wrote before.

Because of that, sometimes I change my title even five or more times. Until I get one that I really like. Without much further ado…

I would like to share with you some tips on how to write a catchy blog post title…

How to write the title of the blog post?

How to write the title of the blog post

1. Write short and simple titles

Try to create titles that have less than ten words. Sometimes, if there is a point, you can put more words, but there is a problem because title tag will be too long.

This is why is the better solution to use shorter titles (less than 70 characters). When you choose the title that you really like, you are free to publish your post.

2. Be careful that title matches the content of the post

The most of the bloggers are making a huge mistake right there. I used to see a lot of useful and informative posts with a very attractive title. Thus, that titles had no relation to the text in the post.

Specifically, if you are writing about renting apartments, you should create text related titles. A title that gives your reader information what is this text about. Otherwise, nobody will ever click on that post or even read it completely.

3.) Keywords

Your main keyword definitely should appear in the title of your blog post. The best case scenario – at the beginning of the title.

Sometimes it is possible, combining related words, get two keywords in the title. But, the best strategy is to use long-tail keywords for your titles.

There is also the possibility that Google will not rank your posts if they have two similar titles and title tags. You should always write your posts naturally. Don’t try to force keywords.

Few useful examples

Here you will find a few examples. The title which will stimulate readers to click on the post and to read it completely.  The titles that will draw an attention of the readersThe secret is in the audible or so-called curious-interesting titles.

1. Secrets…

Starting the title with a word “secrets” cannot help so much to solve the problem. But it can draw an attention of your readers. Which means they will more likely to click on this post and read it.

Few examples:

  • Secrets of Famous Kitchen Masters
  • 5 secret methods in seducing women
  • 10 secrets about sex you did not know

If someone is interested in some of these topics, it is an almost a sure thing they will click on it. This is why you should take care that the title and the text of the post are always relevant.

2. Do you know? Did you know?

That type of posts can also stimulate reader’s curiosity. And the result can be opening and read the post. But, using that type of titles, you need to be careful that you do not discover too much detail.

The main reason is to draw attention to reading the whole post, not just a title. Let’s see a few examples below…

  • Do you know that peanuts are great if you have diabetes?
  • Do you know that you can earn money on the internet?
  • Do you know that you have a legal right to a tax refund?


3. Warning signs

How to write a warning title? Really simple. But, you should have in mind that this type of titles cannot be used for every purpose. Thus, you should think for a moment when and how to use it.

Below you can find few examples how to write warning title…

  • Caution! This video is breathtaking!
  • Attention! The content of this post is not for people with weak heart!
  • Shocking! The tsunami devastated Japan!


4. How to quickly…

This is one more great idea on how to write the title of the blog post… With this type of title, we are trying to wake curiosity in readers. We let them know they will find exactly what they are looking for.

Nowadays people do not have too much time and they are looking for fast solutions to their problems. Take a look at a few examples of this type of titles…

  • How to quickly earn money on the internet?
  • How to quickly create a website?
  • How to quick-cook a dinner?


5. Is it worth?

In this case, we are also trying to awake the curiosity in readers. We are trying to make them click on the title and read our post.

  • Is it worth to pay $37 for Blogging With John Chow training?
  • Is it worth to invest in Facebook shares?
  • Is it worth to speak English?


6. Should I be worried?

People are these days worried about many things. There are lots of problems around them. Thus, they are not so happy about an idea of searching the internet and finding a solution to their problems.

This is why we, bloggers, have to offer a solution to them.  Using an attractive (catchy) title and useful, high-quality content. There are a lot of various titles, but here are some examples:

  • Should I be worried if I smoke too much?
  • Should I be worried if nobody visits my blog?
  • Should you be worried if you are getting a weight?


7. The best

Words „the best“, opens many doors. Try to use these words in the best possible way to increase traffic of your blog posts.

  • The best way to earn on the internet
  • The best places for great vacation
  • The best weight loss medicine 


8. Full guide, step-by-step

Here you will find examples when it is about some kind of guide which you are planning to publish on your blog.

  • Step-by-step guide for Samsung Galaxy Tab 2
  • Full guide for creating a blog
  • Full travel guidance of New York city


9.) The safest way to…

Last, but not the less important way. Actually, this way can be really popular on your blog.

  • 5 safest ways to repair roof
  • 7 safest ways to find a girlfriend
  • The safest way of driving a car



Don’t forget about the power your title has. The title of your blog is one of the most important factors which decides will your blog be visited or not.

I am sure that these tips will help you to write a catchy blog post title. Feel free to share your experience in the comments.

I would be really happy if I could read your thoughts.

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