What Is Network Marketing About?

What is network marketing about? Discover 24 facts about network marketing you wish you knew before…

Let me ask you two questions at the very beginning of this post… 

Do you really want to live the life where someone else determine how much time per week you will work, how much time per week you will rest and how much money you can earn?

Or do you want to make your own decisions about your life? Remember this quote:

“If you want to be rich you have to be a business owner or investor”!

Network marketing provides you a chance to become a business owner even if you’re on a tight budget at this moment!

Properly designed and conducted business network exponentially will earn far more than the worth of the individual. The richest people in the World are building their networks all the time.

There is a plenty of examples which I will show you later on so just keep reading. Source of ambiguities about Network Marketing lies in a poor knowing of the industry. That is the main reason why we still can hear people talking that network marketing is a pyramid scheme.

In this post I will elaborate in detail what is network marketing business and why I think it’s the best opportunity for starting your own business with a tiny budget

I will also compare network marketing with a traditional job later on this post and prove that traditional jobs are actually a pyramid scheme.

What Is Network Marketing About?

Network marketing is a direct sale business model which is done outside of the classic store. It enables us to build our own collaborative network, to educate, inform and progress as a team constantly.

It also enables us to spread our business by giving recommendations and earn money from these recommendations which is huge advantage compared to giving every day recommendation and not getting paid for them. 

In network marketing, products or services are sold through independent distributors network.It’s not possible to buy any product in a classic store. Network marketing is entrepreneurship without risk because of very tiny starting investment. Network marketing is actually an duplication activity.

The more you are duplicate the more your team will progress. It’s the system in which we help our associates in the development of their network.

Teamwork is the one and only option that guide us to great success in this industry. It also enables us to have both, free time and premium earnings. 

Network marketing is a business everyone can started from scratch because it provides the same possibilities for everyone.

Now, let’s take a look at my huge list of network marketing advantages…

Network Marketing Advantages

Please read this chapter very carefully and give yourself a chance and time to think about what you are just about to read. If you do that you will definitely change your thinking of network marketing.

No experience required, No high education required

Anyone can get started with network marketing. It doesn’t really matter if you just leave the high school or you are in pension. 

You can do network marketing even if you didn’t finish junior school. If you know read, listen and talk you’re good to go.

No large initial capital required

Unlike you want to open a classic grocery store for example in network marketing you really don’t have almost no capital to get started.

No Risk 

That’s right. Low start up costs relieve us of losing our money.

No employees required 

We don’t need to hire anyone never for running a successful business.

NO investment in space, supplies, delivery, equipment

Just think about how much money and time we should invest before we even open our grocery store for example. In network marketing there is no such unnecessarily expences.

NO competition 

This is a business being done under the principle of “One for all, all for one” for the benefit of all people in our team.

NO selling your life for the salary 

I love this the most. I hated my 9-5 job so much that I couldn’t wait to resign. Network marketing give us the opportunity to organize our lives the way we want.

You are your own boss 

There is no arrogant and not enough literate bosses that stand above our head 40 hours per week or more.

There is no fear of the delay to the job and there is no fear about get fired.

You have mentors and sponsor which are dying to help you 

These people really want to help you get rich so try to always be nice to them. Listen to them and follow their steps in order to become successful like they are.

One day you even can outrank them and making more money then they are making. Be grateful.

Passive residual income even if you don’t work anything 

Many people don’t believe this is possible. Actually, it is very much possible and it’s real. But, it takes some time to get there. Don’t give up and you will get there.

Some of you will get there for a year, some for 3 years, some for 10 years… Bottom line is anyone can do that if they really want that bad enough.

Inheritable job 

Are you aware what this means? One day you can leave your network marketing business to your children and ensure their existence. There is no classic job that give us that kind of possibility.

Making money from people we don’t know from all over the World 

How this sound to you? Good? Of course, it’s awesome.

As I said earlier network marketing is team business and your teammates can come from anywhere in the World.

You don’t need to know them, you don’t need ever speak to them, but they will always bring you the money as long as both you and them are active.

Possibility to make other people rich 

One of the greatest advantages of network marketing. Imagine how many people you can make rich and happy by sharing your knowledge with them. That’s a really fantastic feeling.

Meet and hangout with very successful and positive people 

Be surrounded with positive and successful people is way much better than be surrounded with negative and unsuccessful people don’t you think?

Positive and successful people have strong influence on our lives and we should always hangout with them. If you want to live your dream life you need to get rid of negative people as soon as possible.

Work anywhere anytime and how much you really want

This is a blessing. You can work as much as you want, anywhere you want, with anyone you want.

Or you even don’t have to work when you don’t have a will. Nobody will get fired you.

No 9-5 J.O.B. 

You can throw away your alarm clock, wake up when you want, go to bed when you want.

Several income methods

Retail sales, team commissions, etc.

You choose the people with whom you want to work

This is impossible in a classic 9-5 job where always are people we can’t stand and we have to be surrounded with them 40 hours per week.

In network marketing we have the freedom to decide with whom we want to work.

Buying products at reduce prices 

As an independent distributors we have opportunity to buy high quality products at reduce prices. Plus, we earn commissions when we or members of our team sell some products.

Worldwide business

There is no restrictions which means we can literally work in any country in the World. However, it depends of the number of countries our company operates so be sure to check that out.

Financial freedom

Bearing in mind several ways of income and teamwork, network marketing can give us financial freedom in the couple of years from the very beginning. Of course, it depends on our capabilities.

Personal development

In the network marketing business you will definitely build some great skills and improve your personal development learning from a lot of successful businessman.

Coaching and motivation

You will get a lot of coaching and motivation, but only if you really want that. If you are craving for success than you will have a chance to learn directly from the best people in the industry.

Rewards, bonuses, travels

You can expect to receive a lot of rewards and bonuses such as travels for example. If you’re actually really, really good in what you do you will travel around the World very often totally free.

Rewards and bonuses depends in which network marketing company you operate, but they are always very valuable.

Network Marketing Disadvantages

The Difference With Classic Job And Network Marketing

Network marketing business is based on the fact that those at the top pulling other people up. Corporate or government business is based on promoting a handful of maintaining satisfaction of other via fixed salary.

In the world of the traditional business prevails awful attitude towards mistakes. If you make a mistake you will be punished or fired.

In the world of network marketing encourage you to learn by doing mistakes, correcting those mistakes and become smarter.

“You can not improve your future if you are not willing to try something new and take the chance of a mistake”.

“The reason most people are not rich is not greed but fear. If you want to enrich you have to overcome your fear and take off”.

Traditional education is based on the fear of failure rather than challenge of learning from mistakes.

“A true friend is the one who pulls you up, and not the one who pulls you down”.

“The real winner knows that losing is a part of the process of winning. Only losers think that winners never lose. The loser is someone who dreams about winning and doing everything possible to avoid errors”.

“If you want to be rich you need the money that comes from the assets. If you want to work hard whole life, you will work only for money”.

Ask your self this questions…

Does your job train you to earn more than a million dollars a year?

If not, don’t you think it would be better for you to look for a better education?

Whether the company I work for and the people I work for committed to make me rich? Or they are more interested that I just stay their valuable employee?

The best way to become rich is to teach ourselves and other people running the business instead teach them to be loyal employees who work for the rich people for the rest of the life.

Remember, skills, not theory will make you rich.

Steps To Success

Big dreams and goals
Rich people have big dreams and goals while poor people have small dreams and small goals. You can’t become rich if you don’t have big dreams and goals. That is impossible.

Don’t be afraid to dream big because you have every right to do that. Don’t let people around discourage you and steal your dreams. Ignore them and follow your path to make your dreams true.

A list of potential clients
I assume anyone has a family, friends, neighbors, working colleague etc. You can easily start with them. But, don’t call anyone you know when you just starting. 

Be clever, develop your strategy with your sponsor and then make a selection of people who will introduce with your business opportunity or your products/services.

Don’t have prejudices against anyone because in many cases people for who we think won’t join us actually do join us unlike those we think will join us.

Education, conventions, meetings
You should attend these events whenever you can. Remember, proper education is the crucial thing in the network marketing business.

If you learn how to work this business properly you are going to be able to learn your future associates the same, they will learn their associates and so on. You get the point? That is duplication.

Presentation of the system and its capabilities (marketing plan)
You definitely need to learn and follow marketing plan of your network marketing company. If you do it wrong you can easily left a lot of money at the table.

Therefore, give your best to attend system and marketing presentation whenever you can.

Support System
Almost every marketing company has an excellent support system. But, don’t expect someone will do all the work for you.

If you don’t know something don’t hesitate to ask your sponsor or upline members for an explanation. They will definitely help you.


To succeed in network marketing business you have to have your big WHYThe reason (motive) that makes you succeed at any cost.

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