Reasons why you are not getting enough traffic to your blog

It seems to you that you are doing everything as you suppose to do but you are still not satisfied with the number of visits on your blog? If you are publishing your posts regularly but you have this problem, you are definitely doing something wrong.

10 Reasons Why You Are Not Getting Enough Traffic

I will discover you 10 reasons why you are not getting enough traffic from Google search engine and because of that your blog is not on the level you want to be.

1. Your blog is not indexed

If your blog is not indexed by Google, you cannot expect that you will get any traffic. Search engines will automatically index your blog, but sometimes that can take a lot of time.

Therefore, you need to speed up this process a little bitWhen your blog becomes more popular, Google’s spiders will visit your blog more often and they will index it much sooner.

2. You don’t build posts around your main keyword

The most common mistake I noticed on the internet is that what you just read in this subtitle. Follow the statistics of your blog or website and create lists of relevant keywords that your readers used when they found your blog.

Then, try to write one post for one keyword you noticed. But, you should also be careful that this keyword has more than 1000 searches per month.

Of course, always take care that if you are writing about video games, you should not write about selling old cars just because this term is well searched on search engines.

You always need to write articles that are closely related to your blog topic.

10 reasons why you are not getting enough traffic


3. You are writing about something that nobody is looking for

It is very important to have a vision what people want to know about. In other words, what will they search on search engines.

Do not miss this step, no matter what, because there is no point of write every day about something nobody wants to know about and do not want to read about.

You should take care that you research keywords and terms regularly, of course, if you want to get free traffic from search engines.

This researching process could be very tiresome, tiring and long, even boring sometimes, but without that, you will not get the results you want.

4. You are not putting the keyword in the title of the post

To get traffic from search engines, the most important part of your post is the title. You probably noticed, when you are searching something on Google, keyword or phrase you are searching for, always shows up in the title.

But, not anywhere in title… at the very beginning or immediately after. This is the road you should go. Keyword always need to be in the title of the blog post.

5.You are not writing your posts thoroughly enough

I know many of you have no time for that. I also sometimes have this problem but your results will be better and you will have higher chances if your articles are written thoroughly.

Google likes and appreciate quality and it will reward you for that during the time. If you do not wish to write your articles thoroughly, it is better not to even write. This is one of the most common reasons why you are not getting enough traffic to your blog.

Think about that for a moment: If you write an article about “how to make wood table”, that has only 350 words and at the same time I write an article on the same theme, that have 2500 words…

What do you think, to whom will Google give an advantage and which article will be better ranked? I am sure that you already know the answer.

6. The content of your blog is not suitable for sharing

This is a pretty tricky thing because you cannot make anyone to share your content. But, you can stimulate them to do that.

If you will share high quality content with them continuously they will start to appreciate that and they will be pleased to share your content with their friends and fans on different social sites.

7. You are not using internal and external linking

One of the biggest reasons why you are not getting enough traffic to your blog. External and internal linking is very important because it will be easier for Google’s spiders to find the rest of your content of your blog.

In other words, external linking will help you to get backlinks from other bloggers. Which means completely naturally backlinks which our mighty Google likes and appreciate.

Many bloggers avoid external linking because they believe that they are making adverts for somebody else. This is partly correct , but trust me, I convinced myself before and I still do that you make an advert for yourself too, and you clear your path to get quality backlinks.

8. You don’t use WordPress

WordPress pages are extremely easy to index and thereby very suitable for bloggers. WordPress is considered as the best blogging platform – not without reason.

To create website using WordPress, can someone who even does not have huge IT knowledge, which is an enormous benefit of WordPress.

Except that, editing of blog and its content is so easy that you can do all on your own – you do not need to pay someone to create your WordPress blog.

9. You don’t use social sites

Inactivity on social sites could be one of the reasons why you are not getting enough traffic as you should. Maybe you use only Facebook, but you ignore other social sites?

Maybe you do not have enough friends on Facebook or you do not have a fan page or group with which you can promote your blog. Try to create your profile on all popular social sites and promote your blog that way.

10.) You are not optimizing your photos

You MUST optimize photos you are putting on your blog. If you don’t want to do that, for some reason, it is better not to even put them on the blog because the benefit is same in that way – there is no benefit.

But, if you optimize your photos correctly, there is a high possibility to get traffic from Google photo search.  Except that, this is one more way to “show” to Google which keyword is main in your post.

10 reasons why you are not getting enough traffic – Final word

The goal of this post is to find out, in one efficient way, what people really want to read on your blog. In other words what will they search on the internet and to make sure that you have that on your blog.

You need to know that this is not an easy task to do and that you will have a lot of work about that if you really want to increase traffic on your blog or website.

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