Resources: My Favorite Tools & Services!

I have created this page to help you out find the best tools and services for your business. I want to emphasize that all tools and services currently published on this page are personally tested  and used by myself.

I have already written reviews from some of them, so you could read a comprehensive review to make sure if any of them fits your needs. During the time, I will write a review for every tool and service you find here. Thus, I highly recommend you to bookmark this page.


Some of these tools and services, if not all, are my personal affiliate links. If you purchase any of the tools and services within this page, I will make a certain commission. You won’t paid anything more rather than you buy directly from the seller. Moreover, you could get some unadvertised free bonuses from me.

All products are recommended from my personal experience and in best intentions. Please, before you decide to make a purchase, make sure you read my review about the product (if available) you are interested with.

If there is still no review published, feel free to contact me and I will send you a brief review on your email. Don’t spend any money on any of the products you find here if you are not 100 % sure they will be useful to you. Thank you in advance.

Biz Opps


Futurenet is mine # 1 biz opp recommendation. It’s an innovative, 3 in 1 international business. The company is only 3 years online, and yet, they have more than 2 million members and growing every day. For more information, please read my Futurenet review blog post or watch my Futurenet video presentation. Or just click the yellow button below to get more details, it’s up to you.


Email Marketing Tools


This is the autoresponder I use for two and a half years. It allows me to create as many campaigns as I want as well to add as many subscribers I can for the fixed price of $ 17.95 per month.

Although it doesn’t have all the modern features like Aweber or Getresponse, the most important to me is that it does the job correct. You can try it 30 days for free. Want to see more details about Trafficwave autoresponder service? Click the link below to read my honest review about it.

Read Trafficwave Autoresponder Review


WordPress Plugins

Thrive Leads

This is a WordPress plugin I am using for building my email list. I love this tool because it allows me to create beautiful opt-in forms all the way through my blog. It allows me to create eye catching call to action templates in just a few minutes as well. I call this plugin a time saver.


WP Stealth Ads

WP Stealth Ads is a a native ads design plugin developed by Mark Hess and Michael Thomas. The plugin enables you to send traffic wherever you like. To your affiliate, CPA offers, sales, squeeze pages. Even to your related blog posts.

This plugin can help you increase your affiliate commissions. It is super easy to use, mobile friendly and works with every WordPress theme. You can get unlimited license for as low as $ 9.95. Lifetime updates and support included.


Landing Page Builder

Instabuilder 2.0

Another WP plugin I cannot imagine living without. The plugin allows me to easily create highly convertible landing pages using a drag&drop page builder software. Highly recommended for those who don’t have much time for creating landing pages as well for those who have no technical skills at all (like me :).


Blogging Tools

The Real Tracker

This tool is a must have for every serious marketer online. It allows you to track your advertising campaigns, to see how much real visitors you are getting, to track how many conversion you made.

You can create a rotator, you can add unlimited source trackers to every link you track. And much, much more. The best thing is you can get this incredible tool for free. Click the button below to ensure yourself how powerful this tool actually is.


OTO (One-Time Offer List Builder Script)

This script is an open source advanced tool for advanced marketers. It is completely free. It provides you with following features:

  • List Management
  • Autoresponder
  • Mass Mailer
  • Affiliate Program
  • Banner Management
  • Email Ads Management

You will need to install this script onto your server. If you don’t know how to do that, hire an expert, he will do that for you. Click the button below to download your free OTO List Builder Script.


All In One Pop-Up Generator

If you are on tight budget and can’t afford some of the most popular opt-in popup generators, I have a great news for you. You can use PopUp Xpert totally for free to design any kind of opt-in popups you like. An easy add&drag interface allows you to customize your opt-in popups based on different target groups, posts, categories, pages. 

An easy add&drag interface allows you to customize your opt-in popups based on different target groups, posts, categories, pages. This one really is a highly effective tool. Especially when to consider you get it for free. Click the button below to start creating your beautiful opt-in popups.


Keyword Research Tool


This is a top keyword research tool on the market. PERIOD. It is an absolute must have tool if you really want to succeed with your marketing or blogging. Jaaxy keyword tool will save you a lot of time and lot of money. In fact, it will help you earn more money!

Jaaxy will find low competition keywords with a high volume of searches per month in Google, Yahoo, Bing. Knowing these keywords is one of the most important data you can utilize to get higher rankings in search engine results. Without this tool, you will shoot in the dark.

You can get a free trial access to Jaaxy, which will allow you to get 30 free keywords searches. Click the yellow button and start searching for low competition keywords now!


Payment Processors


If you are like me, you want to have as many payment processors available. Advanced Cash is one of my favorites because I get their Mastercard prepaid card for only $ 4.99. With that card, I am able to withdraw my earnings on almost every ATM around the World. 

They have low fees and so many great options to transfer money from several processors. Must have.


Advertising Platforms


Leadsleap is my favorite advertising platform. Actually, it is more than advertising platform. Except running advertising campaigns, you get a lot of free marketing tools. That marketing tools you get as a free Leadsleap member would cost you hundreds of dollars otherwise.

For more detail information, please read a comprehensive review I’ve written about Leadsleap. Just click the link below and you will be redirected to the review post immediately.

Read Leadsleap Review



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