Step by step guide for writing blog posts

Step by step guide for writing blog posts can help a lot when it comes to how to lead blog. Many bloggers do not have any rules about publishing posts on their blogs.

They do not even have a vision about that how their posts need to look like and this is a huge step back in blogging career. 

In my opinion, every blogger needs to have rules about writing blog posts. Rules that they will follow when they are trying to publish their content. 

It is not enough just to write few words and expect that you will get something useful from search engines.

It is opposite, blogging, as a home business, is extensive work. You need to invest a lot of effort and free time. Of course, if you want to have huge traffic on your blog and to earn money one day from your blog(s). 

Thus, I prepared for you “step by step guide for writing blog posts”. To make sure you really know how to write a blog post, follow these five steps…

Step by step guide for writing blog posts

step by step guide for writing blog posts


1. Researching

The first of five steps you need to follow is to research before you are going to write your post.

Before you start to research, you need to choose the subject of your writing. This is how you can save your time doing research.

The next thing to do is to go to Google Keyword Planner.

The thing I am looking for is a keyword that has at least of 1000 searches per month. And the competition not above 300 results in SERP.

By the way, I will also collect related so-called “LSI keywords”. I will put them in my post to make my chances better on search engines. When I find keywords based on this criteria, I save them in Excel table and continue doing my research.

Then I go on Google search engine and I am trying to write my main keyword, and after that all other related keywords. The thing that interests me is first 10 results of searches using my keyword.

Next thing is espionage, my favorite part! I explore every site in the first ten results.

Now I am looking at title tags, meta tags, and description tags. And try to decide if they have related or exact my keywords or not. According to this, I see if I will be able to “beat” these sites or not.

Except that, it is very important to read the content of that sites that are in the first places in the search results. You will be able to get new ideas for your articles and maybe use something to outrank them on search engines.

Also, your goal should be to pick a unique title which is far away from simple sometimes.

2. Posts Structuring

The first thing I do is choosing the title of my post based on main and related keywords. The main keyword goes at the beginning of the title and if it possible, you can add one related keyword, too.

But, all them you can put in the title tag. Yet, do not overdo that. I always pick my title of the blog post first because this is the most important part of the blog post.

Except that, this is my way to make my job easier because I exactly know what I am writing about. And I can write a post which is closely related to this title which is extremely important.

The next step in structuring blog is to choose subtitle. After every few paragraphs, you need to add subtitle. This way your text looks much nicer and this makes your text easier for reading.

When it is about subtitles, it is really important to put them as HTML tags – as H1 or H3 tags. It is well known that you should also put some keywords in your subtitle but, as I said before, do not overdo that.

3. Writing Posts

When I think about how to write a blog post, I always start with a short introduction. Because this is the most important part of the blog post after its title.

The introduction does not to be long. It is enough to write a few sentences in which you will show your readers why it is important for them to read the post.

Then, I choose my subtitles and start to write posts. That is the easiest part if you did everything I mentioned before. At the end of the text, I always put conclusion in which I try to highlight the most important things of my post.

After I finish with writing, I always start to read the whole post once again. Just to make sure that I wrote everything right and to see if my readers will be able to understand the point of my text.

4. Posting posts

I write and save all my posts in Microsoft Word. This is the easiest way for me and I have better “point of view” on my text. Later, using copy/paste method, put my text on the blog, in a new post. There I take care of few things:

  • Meta tags – since I did my research before, according to that I put meta tags in my article. More importantly, I put them in the “meta description”. In other words, description of my article in which I include my main keyword.
  • Category – I choose a relevant category in which I will publish my article. If it is possible, I always try to link one of my previous posts. Posts with the similar topic in the new post and interlinking them this way. On the homepage, I always put a “Read More” option


 5. Editing posts

The final thing in the whole process is to edit my post. I do that in few steps:

  • checking for spelling and grammar errors – some people have a lot of problems with this. Including me as English is not my first language.
  • adding photos in the post– you can skip this step if you do not use photos in your articles. But I highly suggest you to use them – at least one photo.
  • adding internal and external links – I try to avoid too many links. I decide how many links I will have in my post based on the number of words in the post.
  • Except my own posts, sometimes I link posts posted by other authors. If I decide that my readers will have benefited from it.
  • Last check – I read my post one more time and check if I missed something I can change before I publish.
  • Also, it is extremely important to check your links – just to make sure they are working wellAfter everything seems fine to me, it is time to choose a date and time when I want to publish my post. And that’s it.


Step by step guide for writing blog posts – Final word

You will maybe think that this step by step guide for writing blog posts is a really hard and long process. Actually, it is. But I guarantee you that after some time, your effort will be worth and Google will award you for your effort.

It is better to write one high-quality post than 10 of them which will get you zero or minimum visits from search engines.

Besides that, you still wouldn’t know how to write quality blog posts. But, using this step by step guide for writing blog posts you can improve your blogging qualities a lot.

Do you have some better solutions to add to this post? I would be happy if you would leave these in the comments.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post. Happy blogging.

Photo credit: Stuart Miles

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