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The LeadsLeap Review – An Arsenal of Free Marketing Tools

The LeadsLeap Review

Product Name: LeadsLeap 2.0

Overall Rank: 9/10

Price: Free Membership $ 0; Premium Membership $27/month

Owner:  Kenneth Koh

Who it’s for: Newbie-Expert

Website: www.leadsleap.com

What Is LeadsLeap?

LeadsLeap is one of the best lead generation tools. It is a platform, which provides their members with a whole bunch of free marketing tools. Not only these tools are free, but they are really powerful. I will uncover all the details about that in a matter of seconds.

I find LeadsLeap as one of the best long-term free traffic resources online. Even as a free member, you can generate at least 200 visits per week. If your ad drives attention and gets great ratings, you are looking at higher numbers.

What I have found as a great strategy is to research 5-star rated ads. I extricate a couple of those and make tiny corrections to write my own ads. It works almost every time. These ads provoke members attention and being featured in the member’s area and member’s emails. 

That means they are continuously driving traffic. Traffic is the core of every business. More traffic = more leads = more income.

LeadsLeap also provides a revenue sharing model even for free members. A model that doesn’t require buying any kind of ad packs. Though, that shouldn’t be the # 1 reason to join this platform. Generate traffic and leads should.

I want to emphasize that the LeadsLeap review you are reading is based on my personal experience. If you have any disagreements with my review, please share it with me in the comments area.

Now, let’s first have a look at the pros and cons of the platform. Then I will go into the details about free marketing tools…


No-Timer Ad Surfing System

I bet you hate those boring countdown timers on traffic exchange sites, don’t you? I know I do. It makes me focused only on the timer, not on an actual ad. 

And guess what? 99 % of the people just waiting to go the next ad to earn credits. So, basically, this kind of traffic is just a waste of time.

LeadsLeap has a much better solution. Members are not forced to watch every single ad that pop-ups. That is why I really like LeadsLeap advertising. 

It allows me to click only on an ad that actually looks interesting to me. Thus, other members will click on my ad only if the ad drives their attention. 

When it does, a member could stay on my page as long as they want. So, if you have a captivating ad and compelling landing page chances for a conversion are much higher.

Free Marketing Tools/Services

The Real Tracker, ad rotator, ad bar, All-In-One Popup generator, cookie generator, one-time offer list builder script, the ad widget…

I’ve described all them later in the post. Make sure you read a description of each of these free tools and services.

Targeted Visitors

Only members who are interested will click on your ad. Make sure you send visitors to your capture rather than direct to affiliate page.

You want to build your email list first. In this way, you can follow-up with them sending  valuable information. Try to build a relationship with your subscribers.

No Ad Packs Required

LeadsLeap provides revenue sharing earnings. But, there are no ad packs required

Earning Opportunities For Free Members

Even free members can take part in the revenue sharing pool. They can earn 5 % daily revenue share and 15 % weekly revenue share.

There are 3 ways to take part in the LeadsLeap revenue share system:

1.) By adding LeadsLeap Widget to your blog/website.

2.) By using The Real Tracker service with the ad widget activated.

3.) By sending traffic to LeadsLeap official blog using your affiliate link.

When someone clicks on the ad in the LeadsLeap widget, you earn approximately  $ 0.10. I know that isn’t much but… Let say you send 1000 visits per day using all 3 available  ways. If only 5 % of those visits click on the link in the ad widget, you will earn $ 5.

If you can repeat that every day, at the end of the month you will earn $ 150. Plus, by using these 3 ways, you are also earning free advertising credits.


It Works Only In Make Money Online Niche

If you are not in the make money online niche, this is not a place for you. The vast majority of members are interested in how to make money online. Thus, if you are in a wealth niche, for example, you won’t leverage here.

Traffic Goes To Other Websites

This could be a potential issue for you. The vast majority of the people don’t want to send traffic outside their website. Heck, me neither. It makes no sense to work hard just to send traffic to another website to earn a few extra bucks. 

But, using the LeadsLeap widget is optional. You don’t need to use this feature if you don’t want to. Personally, I am using it. Not to the purpose of making money from it, though.

But to the purpose of getting free advertising credits and referrals. I have a chance to follow up with these referrals in the future. They become my warm traffic. Think about that.

Who Is LeadsLeapFor?

LeadsLeap is an advertising platform developed for both. Experienced and  newbie marketers. Anyone can leverage from it. But, don’t expect to see results overnight.

It takes the time to get to know how the system works. It takes the time to test your advertising campaigns. To make sure what brings you the best possible conversions.

LeadsLeap Training

There is a whole bunch of extra quality training articles at the official LeadsLeap blog. The best thing anyone has access to these training articles. They are completely free to use.

LeadsLeap Blog

This is an excellent place to get extra free training. Kenneth did a great job with a ton of helpful content there. Take a look at all the categories you can learn about:

The LeadsLeap Review_Official Blog

Insider Advertising Report

An excellent free advertising training in 17 chapters. This report will discover you some of the most important things such as:

  • Why Your Advertising Doesn’t Work
  • Where Should You Advertise
  • What Should You Advertise
  • How To Write Compelling Headlines That Sell
  • How To Write An Effective Sales Letter
  • How To Advertise An Affiliate Product
  • How To Advertise A Blog

And much, much more.

LeadsLeap Free Marketing Tools

LeadsLeap provides some of the best marketing tools for free. Let’s check them out:

1. The LeadsLeap Real Tracker

Why Should You Use The Real Tracker Tool?

This tool alone worth joining Leadsleap. Unlike another link tracking services that cost you a lot of money and all they do is to only track clicks.

With this tool, you can track your blog post links, your affiliate links  etc. You can even track how effective your promotion efforts are.

See example in the screenshot below…

The LeadsLeap Review_The Real Tracker Stats

You can see how many visitors you get in total. How many of them were unique. How many of them were real visitors. How many of them actually responded to your ad.

Last but not least, you can even track conversions. Thus, you have your own website to use this option. In the screenshot above 56,25 % of visits were real visitors.

Meaning they stay more than 5 seconds on my ad. Only 3,47 % of visitors responded to my ad. Response in this particular case was clicking a referral link. I didn’t track conversion on this because I can’t control affiliate sites.

Thus, from the experience, I can say that 1-3 % of the people who actually respond to an ad converts. These stats can vary. It is all about testing.

Your ad can be captivating. But, your landing page perhaps doesn’t convert well. If you promote direct affiliate link, it won’t convert better than 1 %.

What The Real Tracker tracks?

  • Total clicks
  • Unique visits
  • Real visits
  • Responses
  • Conversions (only for the websites you own)
  • Surfing duration
  • Traffic source
  • Country

This is how breakdown by country look like…

The LeadsLeap Review_Country Breakdown Stats


How To Set Up The LeadsLeap Real Tracker?

Step 1:

Enter a URL you want to track in the field shown below and click submit.

The LeadsLeap Review_Real Tracker From LeadsLeap

Step 2:

Edit your link by clicking on the edit button.

The LeadsLeap Review_Tracker Button

Step 3:

This is where you need to name your tracker. This is for your eyes only. Next move is to add tags. You really need these tags because you will have a lot of links. Tags will help you because you can filter your links.

Create a teaser.and check the box to show them before page load. Don’t forget to choose how long you would like teaser stays at the top of the page. Activate your ad bar. Click Save.

Teaser acts like a presell message. It might encourage your visitors to actually read your page. This is an example of one of my teasers…

The LeadsLeap Review_LeadsLeap Teaser

After 5 seconds page loads and visitor see my blog. At the top of the page, I have an ad bar that redirects visitors to my # 1 recommended affiliate marketing training.

Watch Video Tutorial Below…

Besides, this tool provides you two more options. They are rotator an Ad Bar.

2. LeadsLeap Ad Rotator

What is The Real Tracker Rotator?

This service allows you to rotate your several ads using only one link. So when people visit your rotator link, they will be redirected to one of the links you put on.

How To Set Up Ad Rotator?

Step 1:

Click on „Add a new rotator“ button.

Step 2:

Click on „add links to this rotator“.

Step 3:

Select all links you want to add to the rotator. Don’t forget to choose the weightage. Give higher weightage to the links you want to be shown more often.

The LeadsLeap Review_Add Rotator Links Added

Step 4:

You can use geo-targeting option as well if you want. This is a great feature if you only want to target a specified country. Just click on edit button and you will be redirected to the next page. You will see this…

The LeadsLeap Review_Geo-Targeting

You can use this feature anytime you want.

Watch Video Tutorial Below…

NOTE: Avoid to use a rotator in your LeadsLeap ads.

Why? Because your landing pages won’t be related to your title and ad text. Remember, every ad goes under review. In this case, your ad would be rejected because of irrelevancy.

3. LeadsLeap Ad Bar

What Is Ad Bar?

Ad Bar is an awesome tool you can use for cross-promoting your links. It appears at the top of your tracked link. It contains a link to some other offer you might have.

It looks like this…

The LeadsLeap Review_LeadsLeap AdBar

You can use it for all your real tracker links if you want. Really cool tool in my opinion. I am using it continuously to run another offer(s). In  addition to all that I am running already. Yet, there is another powerful feature available within the Ad Bar…

How To Use LeadsLeap Ad Bar To Leverage Other People’s Content?

You can use every link you want and cloak it using the real tracker link. When you cloak a link just create another ad bar and it to that link. Sounds too complicated to you?

Let me show you what I mean…

I’ve created an ad bar which I will use to leverage a content from the www.entrepreneur.com. If you are in online business, you know this site is one of the tops in this industry.

So, I have found an article published on that site. An article with a captivating headline: „How To Start a Business Online“. It is ranked at first position in google search engine for that keyword.

Now I am ready to promote and share that article. Whenever and wherever I want. I will leverage someone else’s content by putting a link to my landing page at the top of the post!

I have used some power words to create a captivating headline which will provoke people to click the ad bar. And when they do that, they will be redirected to my landing page!

This is a 100 % legit method. And it could be extremely powerful if you use it properly. Now, let me show you how easily you can create an ad bar.

How To Create & Add LeadsLeap Ad Bar?

Step 1:

Click on  „Add a new ad bar“ button.

Step 2:

Name your ad bar first. Then paste the URL you want to promote. Afterward, write down a text for your ad bar.

You can use 100 characters max. Choose whether you want to activate or deactivate the countdown. Save changes.

Step 3:

Click the link button to add this link to your existing real tracker link(s).

NOTE: Each real tracker link can only have one Ad Bar.

4. One-Time Offer (OTO) List Builder Script

The LeadsLeap Review_OTO List Builder Script

This free script allows you to create a profitable online business. OTO means One-Time-Offer. I am sure you have seen these OTO’s at least several times when you opted-in to someone’s email list.

Here are the 4 steps you should be following:

1.) Give away a freebie – in exchange for visitors email addresses, you need to give them something valuable for free.

2.) Present Your On-Time-Offer – people will opt-in to your list. Before you start promoting your opt-in page… You will create a follow-up letter sequence in your autoresponder service.

Your job is to present them with the one-time offer. This is usually a high-value product at discounted price.

3.) Follow Up With Your List – make more money by recommending more highly valuable products or services to your subscribers. Don’t try o sell in every single email you send.

4.) Create Your Own Affiliate Program, Offer 100 % Commission – the affiliate program in the OTO List Builder Script is an instant pay system. That means your affiliates will get 100 % commissions! Paid instantly to their PayPal account.

Remember, your primarily goal is to build a list. And this will help you grow your list. Your affiliates will be motivated to promote your product because of 100 % commission.

5. All-In-One Pop Up Generator (Pop-Up Xpert)

The LeadsLeap Review_All In One Popup Generator

This is another powerful free tool within LeadsLeap. You may use it to create stunning pop-ups. It comes with tracking links option too.

You can design any kind of pop-ups you want. You are controlling everything. You can also customize your offers based on different target groups of people.

Let’s say you have existing subscribers and new visitors. You can offer your existing subscribers this tool for example. And you can offer your new visitors the one-time offer.

You can even customize your WordPress posts, pages, and categories.

Based on what is your blog about, you can offer people exactly what they want. If your visitor is reading a post about free advertising, you can offer them a special free report about free advertising. 

If your other visitor is reading a post about affiliate marketing, you can offer them report about that. This could dramatically increase your opt-in rate.

Last but not least, you can even customize your offers based on the device. You should use this tool along with cookie generator. Another free LeadsLeap tool.

A step-by-step guide to set-up your cookies and pop-ups are available on the inside of the LeadsLeap back office.

What Services LeadsLeap Provides?

1. Free Ads

How Free Ads Work?

Let me explain you the process in three steps:

  • No-timer ad surfing

Unlike other traffic exchange websites, LeadsLeap doesn’t force members to surf ads. You earn advertising credits based on your surfing duration.

If you find some ad really interesting, you will surf longer. Thus, you will earn more credits. This is an excellent opportunity to achieve better conversions of your ads. Whether you are build leads or just promoting a random affiliate product.

  • Your ads are not limited to the member’s area only

Except for member’s area, your ad by default will be also shown in the LeadsLeap official blog. As well as in the ad widget in The Real Tracker.

Another option that I highly recommend is a LeadsLeap widget. You can add that widget to your blog like more than 4000 members had done. Your ad will be then shown even to the people who are not LeadsLeap members.

And guess what?  You have a chance to turn those visitors into your LeadsLeap referrals. Isn’t that outstanding feature? Name one traffic exchange website which will provide that feature…

  • Your ad contains all vital information

This helps a lot. Members are deciding which ad they want to click! If they see a captivating headline and interesting description, they are more likely to click on your ad.

Except that, the rating and number of hits are shown at the bottom of every ad. Ads rated 5 stars and counting a lot of hits are more clickable. Other than that, they are featured in the member’s area and sent to member’s email.

2. Pro Ads

How Pro Ads Work?

First of all, let see what makes Pro Ads different from free ads…

  • They are shown in the daily emails that LeadLeaps send to its members
  • Pro ads are shown in a LeadsLeap widget across 4000 + websites
  • They have a higher priority and better visual
  • They don’t require surfing for credits. They are rotated in the network all the time.

From this is easy to understand that Pro Ads gives your ads higher exposure. And running your ads without surfing for credits is a time-saver.

How Many Pro Ads Are Available To Publish?

As a Pro member, you can run 10 ads in the same time.

Are There Any Limits To Amount Of Traffic Per Month?

No, there is no limits. Your pro ads will be rotated 24/7. Regardless of how much traffic they have received.

How Much Traffic Can You Get From A Single Pro Ad?

It is impossible to predict exactly how much traffic can you get. It depends on the quality of your ad. If you get the 5-star ad, you can expect more traffic than some boring ads with 3 stars or less.

According to the LeadsLeap… An average amount of traffic per one Pro ad is about 800-1200 visits per month. So, if you run 10 Pro Ads continuously for example. You can get about 8000-12000 visits per month on average.

Downline Messages

This is another cool feature. It provides you to communicate with your downline. You create a short ad-like message. Your downlines will see your message in the member’s area and in their e-mails. It looks like this:

The LeadsLeap Review_Hits On Ad

Don’t spam your downlines with your affiliate links. Rather send them to your blog or your opt-in page where you are going to provide them a valuable information. If you read your upline message, you will earn free advertising credits.

You can have only one down line message active. But, you can update your message every time you write a new blog post for example.

3. LeadsLeap Social Reviews

The LeadsLeap social review is a new system. It is a place where members publish honest reviews on programs or services that they are using.

This system alone has great potential to drive you thousands of targeted visitors. Thus, you make sure your reviews are top quality.

How Social Reviews Work?

Really simple. You write a review of a program or service you use. You also enter your affiliate links in the review.

Your affiliate link will be rotated among other added links. That gives you a chance to get sign ups or referrals. That is why is so important to write your reviews in a professional matter.

You Can Set Up Your Top 5 Recommendation

I totally recommend you to do that. The reason is your top 5 recommendations will go with every review you publish. Write as many reviews as you can.

This way your 5 top recommendations will be seen more often. More visits lead to more signups.

Write At Least One Negative Review

This will help your trustworthiness. People will appreciate if you warn them about some scam program. You could save them both, money and time.

When they get the impression you are a reliable person, what they will do? They will probably hit your top 5 recommendations link!

It Could Get You LeadsLeap Referrals

The official website of social reviews is https://www.leadsleap.com/socialreview/.

When you promote this site and visitors decide to join, you get a referral. Don’t underestimate this option.  Many people would be interested in sharing their reviews in LeadsLeap.

Don’t Spam. Don’t Send Junk Reviews

You can try if you are too lazy. But, you would be just wasting your time. Thus, LeadsLeap has three levels of quality assurance:

1.) Every review you write will be reviewed before publishing.

2.) Visitors can report any review with a click of a mouse.

3.) People are not stupid. Spam or junk reviews will force the visitors to simply read another review.

4. The LeadsLeap Widget

What Is A LeadsLeap Widget?

Are you familiar with the Google Adsense? LeadsLeap Widget is like that. Probably better.

How The Widget System Works?

When you add a widget to your blog or website, you are ready to shown ads from LeadsLeap network.

When people click on the ad, you earn money and free advertising credits. And when people click on the „Advertise with us“ link and signup, you get yourself a LeadsLeap referral.

Free advertising credits can be used to set up your free ads. The more credits you have, the more traffic you will get. Win-win-win situation.

Does The Widget Send Traffic Away From Your Website?

It does seem like that. In fact, you are going to send traffic away from your website. But, think about this. How many people searching for  ways to get free traffic?

When people see the widget on your blog, they would be curious to see where from these ads are coming. This may encourage them to click on the little „Advertise With us“ at the bottom of the widget.

Thus, if they signup to LeadsLeap, they will be your referral. That means you can send them traffic anytime you want.

How Much Can You Earn Using The LeadsLeap Widget?

Using the widget, you will earn both, money and free advertising credits. How much can you earn depends on the quality and quantity of the traffic that click the ads in your ad widget. Current conversion rate is $ 0.10 per click.

So, basically, here is a rule: The more traffic click the ads, the more revenue share you will get. Also, the longer you traffic surfs the ad, the more free credits you will get.

Why Should You Add LeadsLeap Widget To Your Blog?

Because it will allow your free ad to be shown on more than 4000 websites that use an ad  widget. With that exposure, you can easily build your email list for free.

Or earn affiliate commissions. Depending on what you are promoting within your free ads.

Can You Use LeadsLeap Widget Together With AdSense?

Yes, you can. Google allows that. But, I wouldn’t recommend you to use too many ads on your blog or website. What I do recommend you is that you create the more quality content you can.

How To Add The LeadsLeap Widget To Your Blog?

Step 1:

Click on the LeadsLeap Widget link in your back office.

Step 2:

Set up the widget according to your wishes. They are two types of the widget. Responsive and fix width. Use responsive widget. Once done, click the blue „Get Code“ button.

The LeadsLeap Review_How To Create A LeadsLeap Widget

Step 3:

Copy/paste the code into your blog or website.

How is the LeadsLeap Support?

Easy to access support system right at your dashboard. I haven’t had any issues in almost a year. Although, I have contacted them few times just to test them.

I always do that in every program I join. Having a great support is a big plus for any program. LeadsLeap support is really responsive and attentive.

How Much is the LeadsLeap Membership?

Free Membership: $ 0 (Join Here)

Premium Membership: $ 27/Month (Join Here)

The Difference Between Free & Pro Membership

A picture worth a thousand words. Check the screenshot below to see the difference.

The LeadsLeap Review_Membership Comparison

My Final Opinion About the LeadsLeap

In my honest opinion, LeadsLeap is a totally legit system. A system that helps you  generate more targeted traffic to your offer. The traffic that could convert into leads or customers.

Of course, it will take some time to get familiar with the system. To test your ad campaigns. To see what is working for you. If you will play smart, you can get a lot of targeted traffic. Which leads to lots of signups/referrals. Which then leads to making more and more money.

There you have it. In the LeadsLeap review that you have just read, I have shown you how can you leverage from all its tools and services. You will never know what are you missing until you step on the inside of LeadsLeap.

Get AccessToday. It’s Free!

VERDICT: Totally Legit!

Do you have any experience with LeadsLeap advertising platform? If you do, I would like to hear your feedback. Feel free to share it in the comments area. I am looking forward to reading it. Thanks.

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