Tips For Building WordPress Blog

Are you looking for the tips for building WordPress blog? You came to the right place. Managing a blog is a really serious work to which you need to give a lot of time.

Especially at the beginning when you need to write a lot of content. Thus, I decided to write this post with some really useful tips. 

8 Tips For Building WordPress Blog


1. Content

The most important thing of every blog is its content. The ultimate goal is to offer as much as possible useful information to your readers. You need to be as much as original, unique and simple so the readers will be able to adopt information easily.

2. SEO optimization

SEO or search engine optimization is one of the extremely  important tips . You need to dedicate a lot of your attention to this. You don’t need to be an SEO expert to make your blog become popular with search engines, but you should know some basics.

Overcoming these basics it should not be any problem. Just by searching Google you can find out everything you need to know to when it comes to how to optimize blog posts.

What are the most important things to include in SEO optimization?

  • meta title tags
  • simple navigation
  • naturally use of keywords
  • proper use of h1, h2, h3 tags
  • avoiding duplicating of content
  • proper permalink structure
  • sitemap, in the other word a map of your site
  • using Google Webmaster Tools
  • continuously tracking of statistics and keywords


These are the basics and you need to have in mind that SEO is a long -term process. So, do not despair if you do not see results overnight. Sometimes it takes more than six months to get your blog post in the top searching results for the keyword you are competing.

3. Design


There are lots of free templates on the internet which you can use for your blog. But, there are also so-called Premium or paid templates.

The benefit of having free templates is that they are free, of course. But you will have problems when you would like to remove some things. Such as the link to the author of the template that you are using. That will distort appearance and professionalism of your blog.

But, if you have a paid template, you will not have this problem. You can even find some webmasters that will give you a free Premium template just to sign up on their mailing list. It is not so simple to find that kind of an offer but it is not impossible if you try.

To start, it will be good to have a free template. It is not necessary to have Premium at the beginning. But, if you know something about web design, you can always create your own template too. Or maybe you have a friend who does that…

Anyway, over time, with your progress, you will need to invest in a paid template. You cannot expect to be professional and build your brand using the free WordPress templates.

On this blog, I use Theme Junkie premium template. Actually, I bought all their 62 themes for $ 99 so I can use different themes on my several blogs.

Click here to check the beautiful Theme Junkie themes.

4. Competition

It depends on the niche you choose for your blog, but your competition will be big or low. In any way, your task will be to win this competition.  To come to the first place in searching results for the keyword you decided to compete.

This task is far from easy and you will probably need a lot of time to be successful in this area. For some keywords, you will achieve this earlier, but for some others, you will need a longer period of time. Try to take enough time to “spy” your competition.

Check their keywords, titles, how their design looks like, where they get back links and things like that. You can even sign up on their mailing list to see how they are doing all that and so on.

5. Promotion

One of the best tips for building WordPress blog is to promote it. Promote your blog where ever and whenever you can. Of course, that assumed all legal and allowed ways of promotion.

I do not recommend spamming or „black hat“, methods. Use social sites, create an account on the most popular ones such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+.

Introduce yourself in one professional way and get completely free traffic on your blog. Be active on forums which are closely related to your niche. Find blogs in your niche that allows guest blogging. Make relevant comments.

A great promotional tool is also creating of useful tutorial or guide in PDF format. That you will give as a present to you readers which opt in on your mailing list.

This could be your own e-book or some other which you have and you think it could be useful for your readers. You can also make a video tutorial and upload it to YouTube.

You can also promote your blog on paid classifieds. Offline or online. Thus, I would not recommend if you are a beginner. There is a high possibility that you will lose your money.

If you really want to do that… You can try with pay per click advertising using AdWords, Facebook, Bing, Yahoo…

6. Loading Speed

Try to do everything in your power that your blog is loading fast. If that means you need to deactivate some of your plugins….  Deactivate them without too much thinking.

Loading speed is  really important for SEO but even more important for your users. Nobody will wait for “half an hour” to your blog start loading. They will just go Google some other sites and you will stay without visitors. Probably permanently.

7. Keeping your visitors

When some visitor come to your blog, your primary task should be to keep them and “make” them to come back again. Except high-quality and unique content on your blog, I also suggest that you use RSS feed. And an opt-in form where they can leave their email address.

These two things are very important because you should have in mind that beginners are often loaded with information and articles they just found on the internet and they do not understand clearly what they need to do.

These two things are really important. You should have in mind that beginners are often overwhelmed  with information.

This way you make sure you will not stay without visitors (buyers).

With a proper use of this method, you can build up a huge mailing list and RSS subscribers. This is what every blogger needs. As bigger user base as possible.

If you’re not sure what autoresponder you should use, I can recommend you the one that I use last 11 months. The biggest benefit is that you will ALWAYS pay $17.95 per month.

No matter how many subscribers you can get. As for me, this is the most important thing when it comes to autoresponder service. I don’t see the point to pay highly monthly fees as my subscriber list grows.

Click Here To Get Your 30 Day Free Trial With TrafficWave Autoresponder…

8. Monetization of your blog

Maybe it will surprise you that I put this on last place when we are talking about tips for building WordPress blog, but there is actually a very good reason why I did that.

The reason is that monetization of your blog is the last thing you need to care about when you decide to start your blog! It seems really strange at first. But when you think a little bit more about that… When you read other’s successful bloggers experiences which are making a lot of money on the internet. Everybody will suggest you the same:

Do not start your blog just to make money because that will not be good for you!

Except that, make the publishing of unique and high-quality content as you primary task. Believe me, results will come. Many bloggers make a huge mistake because they start monetizing their blog immediately. They completely ignore the importance of the content. This is how you should not do!

You are probably asking yourself right now. When is the time to start with monetization, aren’t you? 

Unfortunately, there is no unique answer to that question. This depends on the development of your blog.

The best advice I can give you is to wait until you see that your blog has a huge number of unique visitors on a daily basis. Then you can easily start to monetize your blog but start with only one monetizing method.

It does not matter if that would be AdSense advertising or affiliate sales. It is important to have only one of that.

Tips For Building WordPress Blog – Final Word

If you read this chapter completely, now you know how to create WordPress blog. A successful WordPress blog.

It is important to follow these tips for building WordPress blog and results will not be excluded.

When it is about monetization… The most important, start with one method and stick to it for a certain period of time (3-6 months). After that, you can try second and then third method. Experiment until you are satisfied with results.

What tips for building WordPress blog I didn’t mention in this post? I would like to read your experience in the comments.

Photo credit: Stuart Miles

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